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Order Verification Policy

This is the Order Verification Policy of the following companies, which own GrandBytes.com – LiquidNet US LLC, a US company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and LiquidNet Ltd., a UK company headquartered in London, UK. Legal details about the two companies can be found in the ‘Contact Details’ section of this document.

This document contains all details about our order verification procedure. Its aim is to fill the Customer in on our policy towards Internet frauds. Our company’s policy is to strictly scrutinize each new order and verify the payment details of each new user.
How does the verification procedure take place?

Step 1. The Customer places an order for a hosting account with us through our order form. A money transaction follows through the selected payment method.

Step 2. We receive a notification email from our authorized retailer (PayPal, WorldPay, 2CheckOut) for the transaction.

Step 3. An order verification procedure commences within one hour after the notification has been received (on weekends this period may be longer).

Step 4. A sales representative of ours compares the IP location with the billing address and the location information given in the hosting account.

Step 5. Payment confirmation by phone is made at a time convenient for the client. If the Customer cannot be reached by phone, we send him/her an email, which encourages him/her to present us with another phone number which he/she can be reached at in order to confirm the payment. If within a 48-hour period there is still no confirmation by the client, the order is cancelled and the account is blocked.

IMPORTANT: All new PayPal payments come to us with a status ‘Authorized’, but no funds are cleared into our account yet. Within the period of 48 hours the ‘Authorized’ status should be updated to either ‘Capture’ (if we approve the payment), or ‘Void’ (if we fail to approve the payment). The funds will be cleared into our account as soon as (and only if) the payment goes into ‘Capture’ status. Please, MIND that the successfully cleared payment will consequently show up with the following statuses – ‘Authorized’ and ‘Capture’, in the Customer’s PayPal statement. This does NOT mean that the Customer has been charged twice for the service.

We take no responsibility if, during the order verification process, the domain chosen by Customer has been registered by someone else, since we register domain names only after the payment has been confirmed. If this is the case, then the Customer might wish to register another domain(s).