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Why do you need a SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a must if you’re planning to construct or actually have an electronic store. The idea is to properly encrypt the connection in between the customer together with the website. In this way, all the information will be transmitted in a secure and protected environment, substantially reducing the chance of credit card thievery or details improper use.

SSL Services can be extremely helpful if you plan to deliver your visitors authorization to access an administrator area. If you’ve got protected the sign in form with an SSL, the login data is transmitted in a secure and protected process.

All SSL Services offered by GrandBytes are based upon top–ranked standards. We join forces together with Comodo in order to supply a genuine 1024–bit encryption plus a $10 000 USD warranty for each SSL. Fresh SSL Services are provided in only 5 hours following the order and then the set up is really easy. You can even prefer to get your own SSL certificate installed by us in case your site is hosted in an account with us.

Apart from normal SSL Services, we offer you wildcard SSLs. A wildcard SSL certificate will work for all subdomains of your domain name, whereas an ordinary SSL certificate works for just one host. Wildcard SSL Services are truly useful if you have a huge site which has an admin area, a shop plus a forum, and you intend to safeguard each of the previously–mentioned with the help of a single certificate.

Choosing a new SSL certificate doesn’t get any effortless than this. You simply buy it directly from your own Control Panel and it’ll be ready for you in no time. No reason to stop at a diverse firm used only for an SSL and you can forget about being made to waste your time waiting for days to weeks to have it generated.

Grandbytes provides both single host and wildcard SSLs from our partner Comodo both as a separate service or as an addon for your existing hosting service.

Domain Validation

The SSL vendor: Comodo will make a thorough check of the ownership of the domain name before they will issue the certificate. Domain-validated certificates are being issued in about 10 minutes.

$10,000 Warranty

This is the amount that COMODO pays off as part of their warrenty to anyone that suffers any type of loss due a mis-issued certificate. PositiveSSL and WildCard SSL certificates both come with a $10,000 warranty.

Free Site Seal

Both PositiveSSL and WildCard SSL certificates come with a free static site seal. You can place the seal image anywhere on your site to inform your customers  that your website is secured by COMODO’s SSL certificates.


from 19.00/year
Single-Domain Security: The Comodo PositiveSSL certificate provides validation for a single hostname/domain name.

COMODO PositiveSSL Wildcard

from 100.00/year
Support for Multiple Subdomains: COMODO PositiveSSL Wildcard gives you an option to secure all subdomains to a single domain name!

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