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WHMCS Licenses


GrandBytes is an authorized reseller of the most popular billing software for hosting providers.

You can purchase both branded (with the powered by WHMCS link in the footer) for as little as 13.00 USD per month and unbranded (no WHMCS mention anywhere on the billing software) for as little as 16.00 USD  with each of our Reseller Hosting and Unlimited Reseller Hosting solutions.

Here are a few pointers why you should consider WHMCS over any other billing software:

  • Easy to Use – WHMCS always bets on user friendly interface so you will find everything you need exactly where you would think it should be.
  • Simple Setup –  Setup is completely automated from our Softaculous script library, once you buy a license you can have everything up and running in now time.
  • Comprehensive Documentation – WHMCS provides extensive documentation for each option of this advanced billing software. It is an easy read too!
  • Intuitive Design makes common tasks quick and easy to perform.
  • Security – when we are talking about billing softwares you can’t be too careful. WHMCS provides extensive security know-how and implements patches swiftly when need be.
  • Everything Together – WHMCS will make your hosting business a one-stop for all your customers. You can provide auxiliary services such as SSL certificates, domain registrations, everything a client will need to build a website nowadays.
  • Fully Optimised  – WHMCS is fully responsive designed, optimized for minimal server resource consumption and all in all a very quick and efficient billing software.
  • Automatic Bans – Don’t worry about being bruteforced. WHMCS will ban repeated failure login attempts per IP.

WHMCS is an All-In-One Billing, Support & Automation solution for online businesses ranging from small start ups, to multi-million dollar companies. First launched back in 2005, WHMCS is now a worldwide leader in online recurring billing & automation, particularly among web hosts, but being used in ever increasing numbers for many other purposes. With a strong focus on customer support, and with development being driven by custom feedback, WHMCS is a secure, extendable and scalable solution, that will enable you to grow and develop your business, while optimising and reducing the costs of billing and supporting clients.

Integrated Payment Gateways

You can customize your billing the way it will suit best you and your customers, with more than 75 different payment gateways supported by WHMCS.

Multiple Currencies

You can invoice and bill your customers in any currency you wish to. WHMCS also support taxing up to 2 levels as well as offer tax exempts.

Personal Quotes

With the WHMCS billing software you can offer personal quotes to clients with special requirements and than convert quotes into invoices.

Support Ticketing System

The WHMCS billing software comes with an integrated ticketing system so that you can provide support to your end customers with ease and make their overall hosting experience a breeze.

Full on Automation

WHMC can be setup in a way that does not require your intervention at all. Accounts can be setup as soon as an order is placed. The same goes for account termination, suspension upgrades etc.

Domains Management

Integrated Domain Management functionality in WHMCS completes the circle so that your clients will choose your hosting offers over others as a one-stop hosting provider. Domain registrations and transfers were never that easy to manage both for you as a provider and your clients as well.

As a WHMCS authorized retailer GrandBytes is bound to re-sell WHMCS license only to domains hosted with us. As such you will not be able to purchase a license for WHMCS as a separate product but you will be able to purchase it as an addon to your existing reseller hosting package or upon signup for a new reseller hosting package. See our offers for reseller hosting below.

Reseller Hosting

from 15.00/month
Create unlimited number of hosting accounts. The only thing you have to worry about is not going over your disk space & traffic quota.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

from 30.00/month
You will never need to worry about disk space and bandwidth quota with our new Unlimited Reseller Hosting plans.

LIVE CHAT Looking for a different option? Need help choosing? Talk to us now. We will help you suit your needs.